Be Inspired

Delicious Dessert!

Layer up some Allergies in Mind wraps and add some strawberries, whipped coconut milk, and dairy free chocolate for a decadent dessert!




Instead of a bun, mix and match your safe ingredients in-between a pair of Allergies in Mind wraps for a tasty main course!



Veggie Wrap!

Use an Allergies in Mind wrap to wrap up your favorite veggie combos, add some lime, and you're good to go!




Dessert time can be a challenge when it comes to allergens.  Stack and layer Allergies in Mind wraps with your choice of fruit and allergy-friendly chocolate for a delicious dessert!




Going to a restaurant for breakfast can bring its challenges when avoiding dairy and wheat.  Warm up a stack of Allergy in Mind's wraps and pour on some syrup for a fulfilling breakfast!



Passing standard s'more ingredients around the campfire and using the same roasting stick isn't always an option.  Replace the graham crackers with any Allergies in Mind wrap, add some allergy-friendly chocolate and marshmallows, and the impossible becomes possible!




Cake Time!

Birthday parties can be dangerous.  Use Allergies in Mind wraps as the backbone for a cake!  When the lights go out and the candles get blown out, there should be smiles all around. Farewell frowns!




Hands up for some finger food.  Allergies in Mind can help!  Wrap up lunch or dinner for a taco Tuesday any day!



Smooth and Sweet!

Share a berry treat with some sweetness the Allergies in Mind way!




Stack up Allergies in Mind wraps with some avocado and black beans while decorating with some flavor and color that will invigorate your taste buds!